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August 2021

Corwin acknowledges the presence and persistence of structural racism in our education system and our society at large. Through our publications, professional learning services, and our own organizational practices, we strive to actively dismantle injustice and bring attention to damages suffered by marginalized Americans over the course of many generations. This work includes centering the voices of BIPOC authors, thought leaders, and school partners, as well as white allies committed to antiracist actions. As professionals and as an organization committed to reframing deficit-laden mental models, we work toward embodying cultural humility, viewing our work through an anti-oppression lens, and identifying and challenging issues of race and their impact on our organization as well as schools and other institutions. We affirm that the work of becoming anti-racist is a life-long endeavor, beginning with the learning that takes place in our schools and continuing through our professional lifespans. Through our words and deeds, we commit to the work of radical healing.